Add fun and glamour to your events!

Sama Al-Fan is your perfect choice for the drone light show service.for your massive event in any public or private company or institution, as well as product launching events, advertising campaigns and television and film production.

Sama Al-Fan collaborates with international companies to present to you the Drone Light show service. We combine art and technology to give your company, project, or product an innovative marketing vision using a fleet of drones equipped with multicoloured lights flying in the sky and recreating images, symbols, and shapes that serve your media and advertising campaign.

Ask for this service with Sama Al-Fan to upgrade your project to a new level of creativity quickly, smoothly with our dedicated and professional staff.

Do you have any events coming soon? Are you preparing a new project?

Our team will be pleased to identify the best solutions to make a unique identity for your event or project and make it memorable.

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A work of art showing the progress and urban prosperity of the state of Kuwait from independence until 2021.

Kuwait as never before, with the lens of its Creative Youth.

Breathtaking aerial shots of the skies of Kuwait City with hyperlaps technology.